A) Charles Babbage in 1833 invented all the parts that are now used for the modern computer. But the first ‘modern’ computer was invented only 120 years later.


B)Z1 was the first fully operational digital computer developed by Konrad Zuse in 1936. 

In 1939, he created the Z2 as the first electro-mechanical computer in the world. While Charles Babbage is being considered as the “father of the computer”,Zuse can be considered as the inventor of the “modern computer”.

C) The first disk drive to use removable media was the IBM 1311. You may not believe, but as you can see in the image below, it resembles the look of a washing machine. It was quite big, yet it had a storage capacity of fewer than 5 megabytes.

D) did not start as a complete e-commerce business but just as an online bookstore.

E) Did you know that with the help of USB flash drive you can brick a computer in seconds? All you need is the “USB Killer 2.0”. 

F) The first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM in 1980 which had a price tag of $40,000!

G) The US is at the highest risk of Virus attack followed by Russia Federation.

H) You will not be affected by viruses just by opening an email. It is only activated when you click a link or access an attachment.

I)  According to various statistical analysis, it is a fact that more than 80% emails sent are spam

J) ILOVEYOU is considered to be the most dangerous virus ever created in the form of a worm. It has the ability to replicate itself and crash the system. It arrived through e-mail messages as a love letter from a secret admirer. When a user opens the email and clicks on the attachment available, the virus starts its magic. ILOVEYOU, being potentially the most dangerous virus, did not do much damage as compared to the one which was the fastest spread virus program.

Computer’s Course

K) MyDoom was the fastest-spreading virus ever created. The total damage done by MyDoom is a whopping $38 billion.

L) Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are all powered by Linux. Yes, Linux is not among the most popular OS for the general consumers. But, Linux leads the Industry.

M) The first website that went online was ””,which was also created by Tim Berners Lee at the research Lab CERN 1990.

N) The first word to be transmitted over the Internet (When ARPANET existed) was “lo”. It was meant to denote -” login” but the system crashed before transmitting the complete message.


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