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AutoCAD 2D Contents

- AutoCAD Interface Overview Drafting Tools (Grid, Snap, Object Snap, UCS)
- Display Commands (Zoom and Pan)
- Selecting Tools (Single selection, Window and Crossing Window selection)
- Creating 2D Geometry (Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Polygon, Spline, Ellipse)
- Modify Commands ( Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Offset, Scale, Array, Trim)
- Modify with Grips
- Drawing and editing Polylines
- Managing Object Properties with Layers
- Hatching for Sectional Views
- Text and Text Styles
- Dimensions and Dimension Styles
- Creating and editing Multiline
- Drawing with Isometric Snap
- Blocks and Wblocks
- Blocks with Attributes
- Symbol Libraries
- XRef (External References)
- Paper Space versus Model Space
- Page setup and plotting (Viewports, Title Blocks, Annotations)

AutoCAD 3D(Advanced) Contents

- Introduction to the 3D modeling concept Working in 3D with Views, UCS and Orbiting )
- Creating 3D models from Primitives
- Creating Models from 2D Profiles
- Creating Composite Solids
- Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
- Editing Solid Models
- Creating a Models using the Sweep and Loft Command
- Creating Surfaces
- Combining Surfaces and Solids
- Text and Text Styles
- Creating Drawings from 3D Models
- Creating Orthographic, Sectional and Isometric views
- Getting Information from 3D Objects
- Visualization Techniques
- Use of Materials and Lights
- Rendering
- Using Cameras and Views

Course Title Instructor Duration
AutoCAD 2D Professional Faculties 20 days
AutoCAD 3D(Advanced) Professional Faculties 20 days

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