Director Speaks



Dear Friends

With India’s growing demand for futuristic construction & skilled manpower, there is a need of developing infrastructure for innovative and cost effective construction and skill based training. India is seventh most growing economy in the world, in order to take lead in world’s forum; it is the responsibility of all companies, together to put efforts in achieving this goal.

As a project Management Company EBEES has been working for last 6 years and was primarily know as training company. There is a great discontent among one and all regarding slow speed of project completion and lack of project management approach, in completion of all projects. This has compelled our company to introduce the concept of project management in all kind of projects across all Indian companies. We are spearheading the promotion of project management through teaching and consultancy services. We have completed two project management consultancy projects for CPWD, in the sector of multistory buildings. We have completed two mega road projects in Madhya Pradesh. We have completed Two MAP Projects, One Hydro Power Project, One Metro Project, and One Airport Project as consultant. Our endeavor has not been just catering the need of Project Management but bringing a holistic approach to project management and saving money for our clients and project stakeholders in terms of manpower, material, time & money.

It our great pleasure to introduce EBEES as a India’s upcoming Construction, Consultancy & Training company. Government of India has been focusing on three major sectors, skill Development, Automation and intelligent buildings. Our Company’s main focus is to be India’s Top Construction, Consultancy & Training Company. As a training company we had been in the industry for many years. People recognize us as top Project Management, IT & Automation Training company. Our endeavor in this field has been to provide best trainings based on projects, that we do and upgrading the skill of the youth. We have provided corporate training to all major corporate’s in the sector of Project Management, Automation & IT.

EBEES has been associated with steel structure construction and automation in buildings. We have completed steel structure buildings for CPWD. We have also completed road project in Pune. We are using new techniques for construction. We Intend to become India’s top Construction company in coming years.

Our people are our biggest assets and giving them the freedom to think and implement is what helps us execute such challenging projects. High levels of dynamism and perseverance is what helps us grow. Every member of the EBEES family shares a common vision of sustained growth and development of the nation inspired by the strength of unity of action.

We are committed towards building a better India for the current generation and for the generations to come.