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Javascript Training

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       Introduction to JavaScript
       JavaScript Syntax
       Variables and Operators
       JavaScript Operators
       Conditional statements if, else, switch
       For loops
       While loops
       Alert, Confirm and Prompt
       Functions - scope, arguments and recursive
       Callback Functions
       JavaScript Strings
       JavaScript Arrays
       Associative Arrays
       The Number and Math Objects
       Date Object
       Global Object
       JSON syntax in JavaScript
       Convert JSON in JavaScript
       Window Object
       Document Object - DOM
       Document object and Forms
       navigator and history objects
       location and screen objects
       anchor and link object
       Form, text, textarea, file objects
       Buttons, Checkbox, Radio, Select, Option objects
       JavaScript Events
       Register event handlers and Detect events
       Image object
       Frame / IFrame object
       Working with getElementById
       Working with getElementsByTagName
       querySelector and querySelectorAll
       createElement and insertBefore
       JavaScript code and PHP
       Creating and using classes in JavaScript
       JavaScript Object Method Chaining

Course Title Instructor Duration
Javascript Professional Faculties 10 Days