CSS/CSS3(Basic Webdesign Certification)

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Fee-Rs 4000 / $ 57

About The Course

CSS is Cascading Style Sheets that means a separate style sheet.Previously, the styling was done in html sheet only, but styling in html was cumbersome.CSS describes how html are to be displayed on screen , media or any other platform.

EBEES CSS Certification

CSS certification from EBEESholds great potential for students as with EBEES,students get to work on live projects. We have clients from all field of web design & development. Our company will provide them platform for our students to work

EBEES is considered the best css training organization in delhi & India.We work on e-commerce websites, web portal based on strong css concepts.


       Syntax / Id & Class/ Backgrounds
       Text /Fonts /Links
       Lists / Tables / Box Model
       Floating / Align
       Navigation Bar
       Image Gallery
       Image Opacity
       Image Sprites
       Media Types
       Attr Selectors

Course Title Instructor Duration
CSS/CSS3 Professional Faculties 10 Days


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