Architecture Design

GifthysDesign was brain child of Gifthy. A truly gifted personality having in-depth knowledge of interior design and Architecture Decor. A true artist we can say with an elegant touch and class. She had been associated with some of very big organizations like Jet and Fernas Construction, with her artistic view and her detailed knowledge about interior design, she decored some of their offices and residential apartments, which was appreciated. Having knowledge of Fashion had given her the edge. Gifthys Design is a one-of-a-kind design company that brings fashion and function into residential and retail interiors. Gifthys focuses on perfection and a hands-on approach with her clients. Understanding an individual's personal style or a company's brand image, and their unique lifestyle or practical business needs, Gifthys works directly with clients on all levels to discover the best harmony for spaces from concept to execution. She balances between fashionable interiors that capture the essence of the individual or company, and functional spaces that support lifestyle or promote retail profitability. Gifthy creates environments that evoke specific emotional responses for clients; spaces that are filled with character and soul while enhancing their life or business. Her work includes retail boutiques, corporate office spaces, high-end salons, boutique bakeries, lounges and homes.