Top Placements




NameCompany Course
1. Nita imamdarBPTP Ltd.Project Planning & Management
2. Asat AliPunj Llyod (kolkata) Project Planning & Management
3. Mithlesh YadavMBL Infrastructure LtdProject Planning & Management
4 Haru ImamBlue StarProject Planning & Management
5. Anil KumarDisha ElectronicsAuto-CAD
6. Krishna MedhiSoma LtdProject Planning & Management
7. Minaz Zaidi DSC Constructions Auto-CAD
8. Sabiha KhanVKS (P) LtdProject Planning & Management
9. Suresh KumarC&C Infra LtdProject Planning & Management
10. Ved PrakashM/s.Yongnam Engineering & Contruction Ltd.Project Planning & Management
  • Primavera


    Advanced training

  • Ms. Project

    Technology Teacher

    All tasks

  • Pro-E

    Technology expert

    Technical guidance

  • PMP

    Technology Teacher

    Career in PMP

  • Automation


    Circuit Programming

  • Auto-CAD

    Automobile designer

    3D modelling





Education Partner



In Academic collaboration with Industry Leader

We have worked collaboratively with the team to ensure that both parties meet and exceed their objectives. We have been particularly impressed with their creativity, enthusiasm and organisational skills to produce a world-class festival every year.

Recent Placement at industry Leader

From the student perspective, high quality placements can bring a range of benefits and positive impacts. There is strong evidence to suggest that placements and work experience are extremely valuable to students, both in terms of their academic performance and their employability skills.1 The Wilson Review of higher education argues that such opportunities may alleviate barriers to employment for graduates, and notes that both sandwich placements and student/graduate internships hold considerable value for the students personal and professional development, and should be encouraged and provided as opportunities to all where possible. At a high level, the benefits for students include: ,b>Improved skills and knowledge, including ‘softer’ employability skills, and specific technical skills and competencies.