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Advance Excel Training

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About The Course

Course Objectives:

1 Become familiar with the new user interface.
2 Enter and revise data.
3 Move data within a workbook.
4 Find and replace data.
5 Apply workbook themes and table styles

Advance Excel Course

Module One : - 1.Using Formatting and Functions

1.Applying Formatting to Numbers
2.Creating Custom Number Formats
3.Applying Conditional Formats
4.Using Formulas in Conditional Formats
5.Absolute and Relative References
6.Naming a Range
7.Using Lookup Functions
11.IF Functions

2.Analyzing Data

1.Using PivotTable Add info about Slicers
2.Creating PivotChart Reports
3.Using Charts and Trend lines
4.Working with Scenarios

3.Working with Data

1.What is a List?
2.Sorting Data
3.Extracting Data with Filters
4.Using Advanced Filters

Protecting Workbooks

1.Protecting Worksheet Content
2.Protecting Worksheets

Using Macros and Auditing Tools

1.What is a Macro?
2.Recording a Macro
3.Running a Macro
4.Editing a Macro
5.Auditing Workbooks

Course Title Instructor Duration
Advance Excel Training professional Faculties 24 Hours/ 3 Days

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