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Agile is one of the big buzzwords of the IT development industry. But exactly what is agile development? Put simply, agile development is a different way of managing IT development teams and projects.

here are various methodologies that are collectively known as agile, as they promote the values of the agile manifesto and they are consistent with the above principles. The most popular ones are: DSDM is probably the original agile development method. DSDM was around before the term 'agile' was even invented, but is absolutely based on all the principles we've come to know as agile

Scrum is also an agile development method, which concentrates particularly on how to manage tasks within a team-based development environment. Scrum is the most popular and widely adopted agile method

Course Content

The notes of this course are organized in the following fashion


What Is Scrum and Agile?

Agile Manifesto

When to Use Scrum vs. When to Use Traditional Methods

Facts and Fictions about Scrum

Typical Scrum Timeline

Scrum Roles

Scrum Team

Role 1: The Product Owner

Role 2: The Scrum Master

Role 3: The Development Team

Other Roles

So Who Is the Project Manager?

Scrum Events

The Nature of Scrum Events

The Time-Box Concept

Event 1: The Sprint

Event 2: Sprint Planning

Event 3: Daily Scrum

Event 4: Sprint Review

Event 5: Sprint Retrospective

Product Backlog Grooming


Scrum Artifacts

Artifact 1: Product Backlog

Artifact 2: Sprint Backlog

Artifact 3: Increment

Artifact 4: Definition of "Done"

Artifact 5: Monitoring Progress toward a Goal

Artifact 6: Monitoring Sprint Progress


Scrum Roles

Scrum Events

Scrum Artifacts




Sample Exam Questions

Sample Exam #1

Sample Exam #2

Answers for Exam #1

Answers for Exam #2

Course Title Instructor Duration
Agile Professional Faculties 40 Hours

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