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About The Course

Introduction to Coral Draw

    Getting started with Corel Draw
   Introduction to Corel Draw
   Features of Corel Draw
   Corel Draw Interface
   Tool Box
   Moving from Adobe Illustrator to Corel Draw
   Common Tasks

Drawing and Coloring

   Selecting Objects
   Creating Basic Shapes
   Reshaping Objects
   Organising objects
   Applying color fills and Outlines

Mastering with Text

   Text Tool
   Artistic and paragraph text
   Formatting Text
   Embedding Objects into text
   Wrapping Text around Object
   Linking Text to Objects

Applying Effects

   Power of Blends
   Contour Effects
   Lens effects
   Creating Depth Effects
   Power Clips

Working with Bitmap Commands

   Working with Bitmaps
   Editing Bitmaps
   Applying effects on Bitmaps

Corel Draw- Web resources

   Internet Tool bar
   Setting your webpage
   Exporting files
   Creating buttons with rollover effects

Course Title Instructor Duration
Photoshop Professional Faculties 40 Hours/ Certificate Programme

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