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Problem addressed:- The organization aims to address the unmet engineering consultancy needs within the unorganized engineering sector. By harnessing advanced design technology and modern project management concepts, the initiative seeks to elevate the capabilities of engineering companies. Simultaneously, it focuses on training engineers through active project involvement, thereby enhancing their skills and creating employment opportunities. This approach is designed to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the skill sets of engineers, ultimately bolstering the engineering sector as a whole.

Ebees Corp has built a strong and unique business model in the project management and design consultancy sector, with focus on training and placement.Thus, creating a self sustained business model.We are providing Best business investment opportunity,Here are some key points that highlight the strengths of our business:

Niche Sector Focus: Being in a niche sector with few players provides Ebees Corp with a competitive advantage, thus Best business investment opportunity. This allows the company to establish itself as an expert in the field and attract clients seeking specialized services.

Diversification with Training Division: The addition of a training division, especially during the last 14 years, has not only contributed to the sustainability of the business during challenging times like COVID-19 and recessions but has also created a talent pool for the company.

Unique USP - Train, Consult & Place: The "Train, Consult & Place" model sets Ebees Corp apart from other competitors. This end-to-end service is particularly appealing to students looking for job-oriented professional training, as it increases their chances of employment within the company or through its network.

Government and Private Sector Clients: Establishing relationships with government organizations and private sector clients adds credibility to the business. These associations not only bring in repetitive and long-term business but also strengthen the trust factor.

Renowned Clients and Projects: Having worked with top corporates and on prestigious projects like USBRL projects, metro projects, road projects, and building projects, Ebees Corp has a proven track record that can be leveraged to attract franchisees.

Franchise Opportunity: Offering franchise opportunities provides a chance for the brand to expand its presence in various regions of India and abroad. The low franchise fee and minimal running costs due to online training make it an attractive proposition for potential partners.

Impeccable Brand Value: The company's impeccable brand value, built on years of experience and successful projects, is a significant asset.

To further enhance our business, we coming up with innovations in training methodologies, staying updated with industry trends, and exploring additional avenues for growth within the niche sector. Additionally, focusing on marketing and promotion strategies is helping in expanding the reach and attracting more franchisees.

We have trained top corporates such as NHPC, IOCL, L&T Ltd, HCC Ltd, CPWD, IRCON International Ltd, Rites Ltd, B. G Shrike, and Gawar Construction & get repeated business from them.

We provide project management,BIM, design, survey & civil quantity surveying services.

Any interested Individual/company that wants to partner with us can invest in our company through equity of 1 crore for 2% of the share.


Over last 13 years, we have built strong relationships with some of the best brands in the industry.

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We have strong relationships with some of the best Recruitment partners in the industry.

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