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Master Revit Architecture & Structure with EBEES: Your Path to Success

EBEES stands out as a comprehensive 3D Studio Max training institute in Delhi, offering practical training through live projects. Our detailed course has enabled students to secure positions in various MNCs. The trainers, who are subject matter experts and corporate professionals, provide in-depth instruction in 3D Studio Max, ensuring participants gain valuable skills sought after by the industry. The 3D Studio Max course duration at EBEES is flexible, catering to various schedules with options like online, fast-track, and one-to-one classroom training on weekdays and weekends. This allows students to excel in 3D Studio Max training and earn certification from our institute. Recognized among the top ten 3D Studio Max training institutes in Delhi, EBEES offers modules for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Our training environment, seasoned trainers, and adaptable schedules make us the preferred choice for college students, IT professionals, and project managers. The institute maintains a value-for-money fee structure, ensuring accessibility to students from diverse backgrounds. Post-course completion, we emphasize interview skills through sessions on personality development, spoken English, and presentation. Our placement team organizes recruitment drives where reputable companies select our trained professionals. The placement assistance feature has earned us high ratings in student reviews. APTRON Delhi's modern lab, equipped with the latest devices, provides hands-on experience through live projects, boosting participants' confidence to tackle real-world challenges competently. The 3D Studio Max syllabus includes modules on real-time projects and offers placement assistance. Topics covered range from Introduction to 3ds MAX to advanced effects, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all participants.

AutoCAD 2D Contents

- AutoCAD Interface Overview Drafting Tools (Grid, Snap, Object Snap, UCS)
- Display Commands (Zoom and Pan)
- Selecting Tools (Single selection, Window and Crossing Window selection)
- Creating 2D Geometry (Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Polygon, Spline, Ellipse)
- Modify Commands ( Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Offset, Scale, Array, Trim)
- Modify with Grips
- Drawing and editing Polylines
- Managing Object Properties with Layers
- Hatching for Sectional Views
- Text and Text Styles
- Dimensions and Dimension Styles
- Creating and editing Multiline
- Drawing with Isometric Snap
- Blocks and Wblocks
- Blocks with Attributes
- Symbol Libraries
- XRef (External References)
- Paper Space versus Model Space
- Page setup and plotting (Viewports, Title Blocks, Annotations)

AutoCAD 3D(Advanced) Contents

- Introduction to the 3D modeling concept Working in 3D with Views, UCS and Orbiting )
- Creating 3D models from Primitives
- Creating Models from 2D Profiles
- Creating Composite Solids
- Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
- Editing Solid Models
- Creating a Models using the Sweep and Loft Command
- Creating Surfaces
- Combining Surfaces and Solids
- Text and Text Styles
- Creating Drawings from 3D Models
- Creating Orthographic, Sectional and Isometric views
- Getting Information from 3D Objects
- Visualization Techniques
- Use of Materials and Lights
- Rendering
- Using Cameras and Views

Course Title Instructor Duration
AutoCAD 2D Professional Faculties 10 days
AutoCAD 3D(Advanced) Professional Faculties 10 days

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